Winter is letting up and the temperatures are becoming more and more friendly for walks with a camera. We would like to go outside, somewhere outside the city… but when there is no time for that, a nearby park can also become a place where we can take interesting photos. Interesting in the sense that it gives us satisfaction, because that’s what it’s mainly about. Taking photos in the park is not something new for me, because since it’s close to me, I go there from time to time. Some may say that photographing common species in the park is not a challenge, because you don’t have to look for the animals especially, and they are not as timid as the truly wild ones in inaccessible refuges. Yes, it’s true. However, taking photos in the park can also bring a lot of satisfaction, especially if you manage to take shots that you have never had before. And if they are still dynamic, that’s pure joy!

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