A year ago, quite by accident, I discovered a place with quite a large population of praying mantises in the vicinity of Łódź. This year I decided to go back to the same place and check if my models are still there. And yes, they were! Unable to resist their mesmerizing charm, I had several morning and afternoon photo sessions. Personally, I think that morning light and dew are the combination that guarantees the best shots. However, it is not possible to photograph a praying mantis eating a bee at sunrise, because then the flying insects are practically inactive. Only higher temperature causes their wings to dry out and they can start looking for food. But then the light is no longer so beautiful, and there is no trace of the dew either. Therefore something for something. In order to capture various moments in the life of praying mantises, I had to accept the fact that I would not be able to capture them in the best light. I invite you to watch what I managed to observe among the goldenrod!

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