There is no denying that this year’s July is extremely dry and hot, which is not good for the nature. Drought is visible everywhere and affects not only people. In recent weeks I went several times to a familiar meadow near my hometown. I was hoping that, like a few years ago, I would meet a large number of butterflies there. I wanted to capture several butterflies in one frame at the same time. However, nature likes to surprise us. I had to be satisfied with only two individuals on one weed, which I still consider a very successful meeting.

An amazing spectacle for the eyes is usually created by a combination of two elements – dew and direct sunlight. The heat and insufficient rainfall mean that the mornings are dry lately. However, I managed to hit one sunrise with quite a lot of moisture. The day before in the evening there was a small thunderstorm and heavy rain. I was even afraid that it would negatively affect the presence of insects in the meadow, but the fears did not come true. There was dew, sunhine and even a gentle mist. A beautiful spectacle of dawn in the meadow.

Technical corner

All the photos were taken with Sony A7R4a with Sony 90/2.8 Macro lens.

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