The organization of winter photography sessions in the mountains by Zygmunt Urzędnik (ZPFP) is a long-standing tradition. Meetings have already taken place in many different areas, but most often at the top of Pilsko, Hala Miziowa in the Silesian Beskids. Participation in these events has become my personal tradition, and this year I have visited Pilsko in winter for the fifth time. You may ask why go to the same place so many times. Well, the answer is simple – the mountains are a bit different every time I’m there and thanks to that I always bring slightly different photos. This year the weather was a bit of a problem and rather discouraging to leave the shelter. It was so foggy and cloudy that you could barely see the poles marking the hiking trail below the summit. Occasionally it was accompanied by snowfall and quite strong winds. Fortunately, there was also a weather window that we managed to use. The clouds moved quickly and sometimes gaps appeared between them, causing amazing lighting effects. In these conditions, snow and ice forms built by frost and wind on the trees looked simply amazing. Will I go back there again? Of course! Winter in the mountains looks a little different each time.

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