Spring clearly marks its presence in the surrounding nature. In addition to the increasingly visible greenery, its indisputable sign is the awakening of amphibians. This year, I was lucky enough to hit the perfect moment when the toads woke up near the familiar mid-forest pond. When I was there a few days earlier, my attention was drawn to several places scratched by wild boars. I was afraid that amphibians might have suffered from this. Fortunately, this was not confirmed by the next visit. The toads awoke and moved in large numbers towards the nearby reservoir. Some males found females on the way and traveled further on their backs. However, many were single seekers. However the most interesting were situations when many males embraced one female, creating a live toad ball. I don’t think this situation is comfortable for any amphibian, but the instinct is stronger. After all, they will all end up in the pond sooner or later, where they will mate.

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